Zoosk Review: Should You Use Zoosk for Online Dating?

Whether you are new to online dating or an experienced pro, the process can get overwhelming from time to time. From choosing the right online dating platform to creating your profile, there are a lot of decisions to make that can impact your potential matches.

With so many online dating sites and apps available today, simply getting started or changing dating platforms can seem like a daunting task. The best online dating app will depend on your unique preferences and your lifestyle.

If you are searching for a casual fling, you shouldn’t be looking at dating apps for long-term relationships. Similarly, if you are looking for something more serious, an app rooted in hookup culture won’t help.

If you find yourself frustrated with online dating, it may be time to evaluate your current platform and switch to something else. We’re breaking down everything you need to know about Zoosk, a popular online dating site.

From the best features of the site to the price for membership, keep reading to learn if you should use Zoosk for online dating.

The Bottom Line

Do you want to jump right into online dating and start finding your perfect match? We’ve got you covered. In this section, we will go over the highlights about Zoosk and provide an overview. If you are short on time, this information should help you get going in the right direction.

Zoosk is one of the few middle-of-the-road dating apps that caters to singles looking for long-term relationships or something more short-term. Worldwide, it is one of the most popular dating sites available with a fairly active member base.

The dating platform is often considered more flexible than other dating apps because it does not lock members into a specific type of relationship. It may take a while to start getting personalized matches on Zoosk, though.

The dating site learns your behavior over time instead of relying on a personality quiz to display potential matches. As you use the site, it learns about your preferences and uses the behavioral data to filter your matches.

While this is an interesting concept, it is not always guaranteed to work. Overall experiences on Zoosk tend to be positive, but some users do not have a lot of luck.

What is Zoosk?

Zoosk was founded in 2007, and today boasts more than 40 million members across the globe. About half of those members are located in the United States, and more than 1.5 million members log into the app every day.

The gender distribution is very proportional and the site validates member profiles to enhance the overall experience. The membership of Zoosk mainly falls between 25 and 34 years old, however, all age ranges are represented on the app.

Some people prefer Zoosk because the signup process takes less than five minutes and you do not have to upload a photo unless you want to. You can have your entire profile up and running in less than 10 minutes, helping you to start making matches faster.

Only premium members can contact other members, but you can browse profiles with a free membership. There are multiple ways to interact with other members, including messages, flirt pings, and digital gifts.

You can browse through matches in a carousel-style similar to other popular dating sites. You can also view your SmartPick matches, which the site personalizes based on your behavior.

Is Zoosk Good for Finding Serious Relationships?

Zoosk can be a good dating app to find a serious relationship. While the site is available for people looking for long or short-term relationships, most users tend to lean towards something more committed.

There is a paywall for most of the important features, which means people have to be more serious about using the app to experience the full benefit. The SmartPick feature is unique to Zoosk and makes it easier to find a long-term relationship on the site.

As you use Zoosk, it learns your behavior and preferences. This data is then used to filter matches that may be more compatible with you. Instead of viewing an endless stream of random matches, you can be more intentional about the profiles you view.

Your SmartPick matches are based on a variety of factors, including which profiles you view, what you search for, and who you choose to interact with. You can see the data collected by Zoosk within your Dating Insights page to learn how the site is analyzing your behavior.

Is Zoosk Good for Hookups?

Zoosk can be good for hookups, but there are no guarantees. The majority of users on Zoosk report that they are looking for a more serious relationship, but the site is open to all users.

While the paywall might determine some users looking for a hookup, there are other features that mimic popular dating apps. The Carousel view on Zoosk is very similar to Tinder and other apps.

You can view member photos and basic information one at a time, choosing to “ x ” or check members or mark them as maybe. The mobile app makes it easy to match with other members and contact them directly.

The mobile app is often disrupted with ads, though, unless you pay for a premium subscription.

Is Zoosk Free?

You can access a lot of the features on Zoosk for free, but you are limited in functionality. For most users, the free version of Zoosk will only be good as a trial period.

You can register for an account, create your profile, and see your Carousel matches without having to pay. This provides great insight into the available matches on Zoosk. You can also view full profiles and get a better sense of the members on the app in your area.

However, with a free membership you cannot message other users. The whole point of online dating is to connect with others, and Zoosk prevents unpaid users from doing that. If you want to experience the full dating site, you will have to purchase a membership subscription.

Zoosk Paid Subscription: How Much Does it Cost?

Paid memberships for Zoosk start at $12.50 per month for a six-month duration and go up to $30 per month for a single month membership. The price of membership per month varies based on the subscription length.

You can choose between a one-month, three-month, or six-month membership term. You can also purchase coins on Zoosk to access paid features without purchasing a full membership.

Coins cost $20 for 180 coins or $40 for 480 coins. Compared to other online dating apps and websites, the pricing for Zoosk is considered about average. You can pay for your membership or coins using a credit or debit card or via PayPal.

With a paid Zoosk membership, you can access all of the app’s features. Premium members can send messages to other users, browse their SmartPicks and Carousel, search member profiles in incognito mode, use the site’s chat feature, and see other members who have liked you.

Other features like Super Send or Boost may cost more or require coins to access. Super Send allows users to send a message to multiple people at the same time.

You can write your own message or use one of the prewritten flirty messages provided by Zoosk. With Boost, you can increase the visibility of your profile and get more connections.

How to Use Zoosk

To start using Zoosk, visit the platform’s website or download the app to create an account. Once your account is created, start filling in your profile information and uploading photos. Browse your Carousel matches, selecting which profiles you like or dislike.

If you purchase a paid subscription, you can message users that you are interested in or match with. The more you use Zoosk, the more it will learn about you and provide personalized SmartPick matches.

It may take some time to receive viable SmartPick matches, but these profiles can be worth the wait.

Is Zoosk Secure?

Zoosk is considered secure. Like other dating sites, the app implements a variety of strategies to protect user data and privacy. Users are encouraged to use their common sense and be wary of fraudulent accounts or scammers.

If you believe an account is a scammer or the user acts inappropriately, you can report and block them.

Frequently Asked Questions About Zoosk

I Cannot Message Any of My Matches on Zoosh. What is Wrong?

If you match with users on Zoosk with a free account, you cannot message them. Messaging is only available with a paid membership.

How do I Find Matches on Zoosk?

You can find matches on Zoosh through the Carousel, which displays matches in a roulette-style format. You can also use the search tab to filter profiles based on specific criteria.

Over time, you will find SmartPick matches chosen by Zoosk to be compatible with you.

Do I Have to Verify my Zoosk Account?

All members of Zoosk must verify their accounts. You have to connect to a social media account or provide a mobile phone number to verify your profile. This feature helps keep scammers from misusing the site.